21 echo

 Released in December 2014, "21 echo" is Mama Sweet's 
second studio album and most recent CD.

1. Broken Window
2. Ruby Sue
3. My Old Man
4. Second Avenue
5. Cats and Dogs
6. Heaven White
7. Can't Be All That Bad
8. Like the Sun
9. Love is not enough!
10. The Siren
11. Whiskey Beer and Wine
12. Wondrous Creation
13. You Wrote the Book
14. Turn the Cold Shoulder
15. FUPM
16. Light of the World

MAMA SWEET: Now. Here. This.

Now. Here. This.

Released in May of 2009, "Now. Here. This." is 
Mama Sweet's first live album.  It was recorded in
the fall of 2008 at The Deli in Norman, OK and
The Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City, OK.

1. The Impossible (slow)
2. Slice of Heaven
3. Gypsy
4. Send Me Home
5. Angels and Devils
6. Virgin in the Fire
7. Prettiest Girl at the Dance (fast)
8. Mercy
9. Allison's Heart
10. Whiskey Breath
11. Weather Channel
12. Don't Matter
13. Last Call


Welcome to the Well

Originally released in March of 2007, "Welcome to the
Well" was re-released in June of 2008 under the exclusive
distribution of Smith Entertainment Group.

1. First Last Stand
2. Willow Tree
3. Whiskey Breath
4. Prettiest Girl at the Dance
5. Impossible
6. Truckstop
7. Sara
8. Angels and Devils
9. Best of the Situation
10. Hello Moon
11. Virgin in the Fire
12. Storm Is On Its Way
13. I'll Do It Again